Portrait of a sub-editor on way to earn bacon but deciding to eat some instead

October 9, 2006 at 11:35 am (user-generated content)

9am The 16th cup of tea always makes me late in the morning. Here I am with no hope of reaching Hammersmith before 9.30, on 36 bus to Vauxhall Station in south London. (Tip: play first two together for dizzying rush-hour effect.)

9.15am Then saying ‘sod this’ to rush-hour travel and turning back.Vauxhall station is the only one I know where classical music is played on the tannoy to, er, annoy commuters.

10am And ending up in favourite Portugeuse café in Stockwell, south London. TV digest in Portugal is clearly as bad as anywhere. Also, the man only gave me a single strip of bacon. Still, beats being in the office.


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