Persian wisdom

July 30, 2007 at 10:49 am (philosophy)

Topple a row of dominos. The last one has no one to fall on. That is life without children: tough for you but good for the unborn.

Runny a kitty for your children, said the sage, for therapy when they are older.

On the way to Starbucks
A dervish passed a house where two little girls were playing. “Sir, want to buy a pen?” one of them said. The dervish stopped, and replied: “My mum taught me never to talk to strange children.”

The visually impaired and the deaf
At a bus-stop an old man asked a youth to alert him when he saw the number 53 approaching. “I’ve forgotted my glasses and don’t want to board the wrong bus.” The young man pressed “pause” on his iPod. “What?” he said.

The sage and the boy
The dervish pondered having a child. “How can I inflict life on someone who has not asked for it?” he asked himself. That night, in a dream, a child came. “Please, let me into your world,” the child said. The dervish cried, and said: “Fast-forward fifteen years.” He saw the boy.
“You’re not my dad,” a spotty teenager said. “I hate you.”

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