Why we shouldn’t bomb Iran

July 20, 2006 at 10:42 pm (Naziwatch, War on terror)


“[The] underground location [of Iran’s nuclear programme] means Israel and/or the USA probably can’t knock out the Iranian weapons facilities, as Israel knocked out Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program at Osirak in 1981. Therefore, they will have to resort to the only alternative: destroy the Iranian government as a functioning entity capable of using them. Unfortunately, to make this stick, they will have to utterly devastate Iran and reduce it to a level of physical chaos on the level of Germany in 1945. Anything less than this, and the Iranians will be able to recover and hit back. This means not only bombing all known military and government facilities, but preventing rapid recovery by also destroying the infrastructure of electricity, transport, telecoms, water, oil, gas, and food. It means, in other words, collapsing the Iranian state by collapsing Iranian society, inducing a breakdown in law-and-order, a fall in GNP of 95%, famine, and mass outbreaks of disease due to rotting corpses, destroyed sewage systems, the absence of clean water, and shattered hospitals. And that’s on top of the immediate casualties of the bombing, which could be horrendous, given many facilities which will need to be bombed are located in populated areas.”

Not penned by Tony Blair, alas, but, wait for it, the boot-boys of the fascist British National Party.

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