Poor Henry

August 9, 2006 at 7:24 am (Morning edition)


It’s 07:14 am and this is my vacuum cleaner. For the past week he hasn’t had a nose and my apartment hasn’t had a clean. Last week, I accidentally threw out the nozzle that connects the bag to his nose. Then I marched to Argos in Brixton south London. There was no way I could spend £30 ($653) on a cheapo cleaner. The Henry cost £95. I learned it has 5-litres capacity and considerable power. It didn’t make sense to buy another one. All it needed was a nose. A thought struck me. I went home and googled “freedom of speech in China” — kidding — “Henry spare parts”. Next thing, I was on the phone to a nice man in Birmingham who for £2.50 sent me what he said was called a “bag connector”. I was chuffed. It arrived on Monday.
But I’ve yet to do my hoovering.

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