Peyvand Khorsandi lives in Camberwell, south London. If you need to know more feel free to contact him: soulbeancafe:0)googlemail.com



  1. peyvand said,

    The template for this part of the blog read: “There are no comments yet…Kick things off by filling the form below”. So I had to fill it in. Whereas actually, this box is not necessary.

  2. Sylviane said,


    Just opened your blog… Not yet read it, but seems to be, how can I say, very you.
    Fun, lots of humour, a touch of politics…
    I love the picture, I mean your photo! Get back to you soon with hopefully more interesting comments.

  3. Joe said,

    Hey P,

    nice to meet you in the library today – do you remember? You were blasting out old skool hardcore for a few minutes until you realised your headphones weren’t plugged in.

    I like your words – do you have any links to radio comedy you have written for?

  4. eelsie said,

    your blog is v you…all over the place, witty, out there, everywhere, weird. brought a smile to my face…would be good to share a gormeh sabzi with you now…
    fancy a weekend in geneva?

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