This is no time for novices

October 2, 2008 at 8:36 am (1)

Words in a political conference speech can bore — into the very soul of your opponents. Yesterday, young David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party here in Britain, like George Osbourne, the shadow chancellor, the day before, was forced to respond to the charge that he was a novice, issued by prime minister Brown in his speech last week. Both men appeared deeply ruffled by Brown’s quip. Now with six words Brown is back to life again in a way that we haven’t seen since he first became prime minister last year.

Novices. It hurt because it’s true and the best of the Tory party’s speech-writers could not concoct a joke that might slow its impact. No editorial writer could stop these words, even with the full might of our largely right-wing press. To get things into perspective, I believe Brown should do community service in a Basra hospital but he is right, these Conservatives are beatable.

I would harp on about how our Zionist friend Obama needs to find his words to defeat McCain but I wouldn’t want to bore.


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