A humble update

May 9, 2008 at 9:57 pm (1)

Today summer arrived early and I went to Richmond park, a nature reserve in south-west London. There were bunnies. Hares or rabbits, don’t know, but one was munching buttercups. There was also a wedding. Everyone in the wedding was white. I wondered if the bride and groom knew any members of an ethnic minority. Not that I’d hold it against them. The sort of weddings I go to I wonder if we’re in England.

At this picturesque cafe, there were quite a few seniors. And one Iranian woman with silk shorts. She and her friend did not know how to dress summer without looking like they were in Monaco or somewhere where people were shiny shorts. I was behind her in the queue to buy a coffee. She shuffled in her bling bag, embarrassed that she could not find her dough. A hefty clutch of notes emerged she made sure we all saw.

There was great view of the south-west of London from the top of the hill. Planners had clearly made sure no high-rises were built to spoil it.

Today’s intake: Banana for breakfast, then a tuna sandwich my sister made me. Then, after my several hours of relaxing in Richmond Park, a chana masala curry, dal, a little bit of rice, grilled chicken and sag paneer from a curry place near my sister’s. We made sure to ask for use little oil because my brother has a heart problem. I don’t, but I will if I keep guzzling the oil Indian restaurants drown their food in.

My sister caught me listening to the victory speech of a Nazi who got elected into the London assembly last week, on YouTube.

“Why are you watching that,” she said. “No wonder you’re depressed.”

What do you watch on YouTube? She pointed me to a video of the Muppets singing what was a cute song about time being in a bottle. She had a point.

Richmond Park and I are going to spend some time together this summer. My locale is simply too inner city to allow you to relax. People always seem to be shouting at each other and cursing. Either that or they are talking to themselves, probably rehearsing for their next row.



  1. T. said,

    Oh dear, I was not aware of this, after reading your blog and then searching on line, I also ended up watching the same nasty speech. What an angry, inarticulate, graceless fool.I had to watch a few videos of cute kittens in order to forget about that silly man. By the way could you ask your dear father if he remembers me? I danced with him in Cafe/Hotel Naderi in Tehran. I was a little girl and kept harassing him until he stood up and joined me on the dance floor. If he remembers the little annoying child that stopped him from eating his dinner, next time I am in London I will come over to ask for a second dance.

  2. peyvand said,


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