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April 15, 2008 at 12:33 pm (1)

Yesterday I posted an entry about my lunch. A burger in Kensington. Then, I deleted it. Then I received a phone from a friend asking why. It filled me with a sense of loss — it was funny, he said. What prompted me to chuck it was the fear that it wasn’t funny. Even if it is, I thought to myself: what’s the point.

At the weekend I finished a book by a well known author — it was about his relationship with his dad. It inspired me to email him:

Dear BM

I am currently in my father’s study and he is behind me wrapping a present for his friend whose birthday it is tonight. It’s a boxing trophy, his friend is not a boxer but he has been a political prisoner in Iran. On its plaque he’s placed a photocopy of a photograph of the chap, with the Latin scripted persian dedication: Reza, you can [punch], but don’t. It only cost him twenty quid, he tells me. (It’s good to send one of these trophy’s to a woman who’s upset you, he says.) Anyway, the reason I am writing, or even where I am today, is because I finished When Did You Last…? this morning and it made me appreciate having my dad still around. You wrote that many people write to you as a sort of oracle for the bereaved but here I am celebrating life.”

The author wrote back to me today. His book was made into a film last year, with a Hollywood actor playing him. And get this, he said he was pleased to receive my email because sometimes he wonders whether it’s worth bothering to write at all.


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