Another update :0)

January 17, 2008 at 8:06 pm (1, soulbeantransport)

Today I had my second car accident — the front-right indicator smashed by a width sentry outside a supermarket car park. In the first one, around six months ago, I took the passenger mirror out, with a little help from the width stump at Battersea bridge. This morning, I opened a cupboard and my favourite mug fell out and broke. My friend Aby gave it to me a few years ago. (A stick-man on it shouts ‘I’m not normal’.) I’ve asked her for a new one. That’s the best way to replace a broken or lost present. I have this favourite bag from Burma, it’s handwoven, but one day I was on the Tube and left it there. (There was nothing inside it but a book which I was holding so it fell off my shoulder.) Then my Burmese friend Baw bought me a new one from India’s border with Burma. You’ll meet Baw in a few weeks when I update from Goa, in India.


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