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January 3, 2008 at 4:04 pm (blog)

It’s a Thurday. London is cold. Although, not as cold as Canada. Yesterday my friend JJ. For the past few days I have been entertaining him. Although, he disappeared after I took him to see Matthew Bourne’s production of the Nutcracker with my parents at the Sadler’s Wells on Tuesday.

I had read excellent reviews and bought tickets last month — £50 ($100) each. It was terrible. JJ fell asleep in it, he’d much rather have been at home updating his site. My dad thought it was great that we all made it out of the house. The audience, you felt, had to clap or face the reality that if they didn’t, the most logical way to express their dissatisfaction would be to demand a refund.

Really, luvvy dancers camping it up with ‘humour’ better suited to the Von Trapp family in The Sound Of Music. An utter waste of time. Last week, though, I treated my parents to Ennio Marchetto on the South Bank, a brilliant Italian comedian who impersonates popstars using paper costumes. His inventions are truly ingenious, it’s a roller coaster ride of the show.

Anway, this Christmas I lost control of my girth, which will be punished in the gym next week. Funny, you might try to escape such familiar narratives and pretend you’re an individual but it’s difficult to eat properly during the Christmas break. Also it’s cold, and what could be more warming than lamb.


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