August 19, 2007 at 12:28 pm (blog, Family & Friends)

Yesterday I arrived in Edinburgh. Guest of my friend Rich and his partner Vic. They are in London and will arrive this evening. It was raining when I arrived, and Rich had said the key to their basement flat would be under a vase. Their basement flat is on an impressive terrace designed, Google tells me, by the 19th century Victorian architect William Henry Playfair.

I walked passed the US consulate building, having being impressed on my right by Arthur’s Seat, the impressive peak that overlooks the city centre. The first vase I looked under yielded a couple of sleepy worms, as did the next two, and I got worried that I had the wrong address and would have a tough time convincing anyone that I wasn’t an opportunistic burglar. Then, out of the blue, a young blond chap called Jimmy appeared and let me in. Rich had not told be about Jimmy, he probably didn’t fit under a vase which is why he was in a car.

He, I guessed, was a tenant or long-term guest he was setting off.  I then set off to see my sister, Shappi. She is heavily pregnant and performing her show Carry On Shappi every night. It was a surprise to learn that on some nights she does up three shows – taxiing about town, scuttling down the stairways and alleys that give the city its charm and character, doing a spot as a guest, meeting her husband, also a comic, for dinner then doing another gig and coming home. It’s fun and hectic. I saw her show, it was fun but of course, being heavily pregnant affects the consistency of her energy.

It is now 12.35. I will walk to Bismillah Butchers in town and buy meat to cook for Vic and Rich who arrive tonight. I will of course pop in to see my sister too.


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