Rome-ward bound

June 26, 2007 at 7:49 am (UK NEWS)


Tony Blair went to see the Pope last week. He wants to convert to Catholicism. No wonder the pontiff looks worried — can the Church bear the strain? (“Forgive me father, for I have sinned. Now where shall I begin?”) The Vatican will have to build a special confession booth for Blair — a line of priests will form outside, taking turns to absolve him.

STOP PRESS: News arrives that Blair is to become Bush’s peace envoy in the Middle East. Oh, but he’s a warmonger you say. True, but the thing is the president can’t spell — what he’s actually becoming is a piece envoy, securing a piece of the pie for us in the region. The sad fact is that there are enough religious lunatics bent on killing people there without him moving in.



  1. ducdenemours said,

    It’s not strictly about being a ‘peace envoy’ is it though? The role is mainly about governance structures and other things that sound frankly really boring. More importantly, leaving aside the chances of any success in this role (quite an effort I know but bear with me), do you really think that Gordo or indeed any other of the leaders of the quartet would just let Tony Blair go and sort out Palestine without making sure they got most of the credit for it?

    Thought not.

    Also, warmonger – fair enough – but since when did our great leader become a ‘religious lunatic’ to rank alongside the admittedly world class field of religiously motivated holocaust deniers, racists and anti-semites for which this area the size of Wales is so rightly famous? Be fair then, he’s not really comparable is he?

  2. peyvand said,

    Thanks for that. Blair only read the Koran after becoming prime minister. He is, as Iraq testifies, out of his depth in the region and, given his alignment with neo-con foreign policy, bad news for the Palestinians. As for whether he is as vile as the racist Islamists who run Iran and kill civilians and our troops in Iraq, well, what I think doesn’t matter, his CV is soaked in blood.

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