Comedy in Hampstead

June 5, 2007 at 11:53 pm (One-man show ad)


Friday 29, Saturday 30 June
Sunday 1 July*, Monday 2 July*

* with SHAPPI KHORSANDI in preview of her Edinburgh show ‘Carry on Shappi’


Downstairs at
The Washington
50 Englands Lane
London NW3 4UE

Tube: Belsize Park

Info and reservations: xxxx
or email:xxxxx

Tickets: £8 (£6 students)



  1. Steven said,

    Peyv trying to pull his own grandma: “Do you like burgers?”

  2. AA said,

    I love the photo!

  3. 'Big' Mac said,

    Hey! What’s not to like. Grandmas all love some prime beef with a wee bit of special sauce every now and again…

  4. peyvand said,

    Enough with the grandma jokes already.

  5. ducdenemours said,

    Return of the mac that’s your grandmother’s favourite song that is

  6. Bendybus said,

    doubling of the burger with prawns izzit……niggghhhccce

  7. Fari said,

    I thought your sister was the comedian, you the writer? What happened to E-run mag in the end? There was some vociferous woman helping you, and putting me off! Good luck at the gig, judging by your friends’ comment probably best not to invite anyone over the age of 55 and female…. ; )

  8. vociferous woman said,

    oy! I was helping Peyv on that! I’m not vociferous , am I..? what does vociferous mean? Doesn’t it mean coming out with long words…?
    Nice photo Peyv.

  9. B A said,

    Your gran is the third elderly Iranian lady who loves Big Macs. My 81 year old mother and th mother of a friend of mine are the same.

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