I have a dream

April 30, 2007 at 8:05 pm (Los Angeles)


Iranian women in In-N-Out Burger, circa 2007

Just as I was about to munch my second double-double burger on this trip to Los Angeles (not bad after two weeks), I spotted Kathy, left, who used to run an art shop on Westwood boulevard. We were very surprised to have bumped into each other (this meant not being able to devote all my attention to the burger in hand — her cousin Sally didn’t say a word because she chose to precisely that. She also ordered fries “animal style” which I did not know you could do — smothered with cheese and grilled onions and pink sauce. It was delectable.) Kathy said she is getting married and moving to Germany. I told her had visited Westwood and found her shop closed. So thank god for In-N-Out. I say god because the people who run In-N-Out are religious (it’s a private company), but unlike their customers, not about burgers. Discreet Bible citations can be found on its wrappers and at the bottom of its soda cups. I also discovered the other night that family-owned chain has a customer service line that operates until 1.30 at weekends. (What could you want to say to In-N-Out at such an hour?) I have a dream that one day women in Tehran will be able enjoy burgers without being punished for not adhering to Islamic dress codes.



  1. Nazy said,

    Thank you for celebrating women who EAT! Thank you for remembering our women in Tehran. Thank you for occasionally writing posts that I can read and actually understand, like this one, I think! The one about Clive went right over my head (was it too British, or am I too Iranian?), and I so wanted to ask some questions about the Mike Tyson post–did you really see him? Was he a cardboard advertising gimmick outside the shop? Did you smoke something first and then you SAW Mike Tyson? I think I got today’s post, though! Thank you for being you!

  2. peyvand said,

    Wouldn’t worry about not understanding Nazy, I don’t know what I’m on about half the time. Keep reading. Px

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