Berkeley, California

April 17, 2007 at 3:40 pm (blog)


Dog and bike. I tried to get close to the hound but it barked. This is on Berkley’s famous Telegraph Avenue. Yesterday I meant to visit San Francisco and take in some sights. Instead, being English, I went for a curry — there’s a serious Indian right next door. High quality meat. It’s not the same in England. Anyway, I like the dog in the photo.


This is a tree on the university campus. There were no dogs tied to it. It’s a lovely campus. The picture below is of the student rag, a daily.

Next is a bicycle tied to a bus stop. (The captions were supposed to go below each photograph, I don’t know what happened.)


An apartment block.


And my bed this morning. I slept five hours, and well. Off to LA today.




  1. kamin said,

    Nice isn’t it, Berkeley? Nothing like the real world, especially not the real America, don’t you think? Still, it’s a lovely place…

  2. kyla said,

    i think you need a new pillow. that one must be killing your neck

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