The sailor dispute

March 30, 2007 at 10:45 am (blog, UK NEWS)

Iran seizes 15 UK sailors from what it claims were its waters. Britain responds by saying they were plucked from Iraqi waters. (So that’s alright, then.) The real loser in all this is Iraq. The poor country – to the occupying power its waters regarded as sovereign as those of the Thames Estuary. We are truly back in colonial times.



  1. Niall said,

    I think you’ll find even the India guy captaining the ship they were boarding said it was in Iraqi waters.

    Also as I am having something of a sense of humour failure this afternoon – what is your point in the rest of the post?

  2. Dandelion said,

    Only if we nick their oil, and all the rest of their mineral assets. Sorry, but I thought the yanks had dibs on all that.

    You bumptious up the British really, and you taunt them with their own shame. Cheap ‘n’ nasty.

    And aren’t you one of them?? Have some diginity, honey.

  3. peyvand said,

    Yes, I am British. I have a runny nose.

  4. Niall said,

    Sorry i don’t get Dandelion’s point either

  5. Dandelion said,

    Well, Dandelion’s point was that the British were not treating Iraqi waters as sovereign as the Thames Estuary at all. They were operating under a UN mandate, as any fule no. Are the UN a colonising power? I think not.

  6. Niall said,

    Oh i see

    He’s right that Dandelion you know

  7. peyvand said,

    My post was too earnest. It should have read: “We can take a shit in Iraqi waters for all anyone cares”. Rubber-stamped by the UN. That’s special. (ps Dandelion is a woman Niall). I see this as a curious tango between Iran and Britain. It is unfortunate for the soldiers to be caught in all this. But it is fortunate that they are not dressed in orange, masked and shackled.

  8. Dandelion said,

    Well, UN forces can take a shit in Iraqi waters – I do not identify myself with them, so I would not count myself under your “we”, peyvand. If I wanted to take a shit in Iraqi waters, that would be a different matter, and I don’t believe the UN has sanctioned that, so let us not overstate the case.

    They may not be dressed in orange, masked and shackled, but my blood went cold when I saw that poor woman in the head-covering. And what threats or torture have been done against them to achieve the forced confessions? Their faces are unmarked, but I bet you their bodies are not.

  9. peyvand said,

    Dandelion, I have stated that the soldiers should be freed immediately and in no way condone the Iranian government’s exploitation of their captives. That said, I would invite you to tune into Marcus Brigstocke in the latest of BBC Radio 4’sNow Show.

  10. ducdenemours said,

    Why would she want to do that? Marcus Brigstock is a comedian. I’d almost rather listen to Malcolm Rifkind and he’s a pillock.

  11. Dandelion said,

    Maybe he thought I needed cheering up?

  12. Dandelion said,

    But seriously, pervyand, don’t let us bully you. Not that you would.

  13. Niall said,

    True. Peyvand is a big boy. I suppose i’ll listen to him at lunch time

  14. RasaM said,

    hahaha..what about our “gift” this morning?

    I heard Blair is not very happy…he was negotiating in order to trade-in a couple of the sailors for some nice Persian rugs and Chelo Kabab’s recipe!

  15. Niall said,

    Did you see some of the carpets they were sitting on during the week? They were quality.

    My granddad came back from Afghanistan in the 40s with a whole load of carpets. Although very glad they are all coming home a small part of me would love to see them each step off the plane at Northolt or Brize Norton with great big rolls of nice carpets. it would do wonders for Anglo-Iranian relations no?

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