March 28, 2007 at 2:27 pm (Espresso, UK NEWS)

The Iranian government is clearly itching to get bombed. Taking British soldiers hostage is very cheeky. They should be released immediately. But just as parents often deny teenagers’ demands we should refuse military intervention. President Ahmadinejad will then have to dye his hair purple, lock himself in his bedroom and listen to Coldplay.



  1. aMmAr said,

    hmm ma question to you is :

    wat if it was the other way around? and some Iranian sailors were found jerking around British terrain. The wouldve been entitled; moslim terrorists planning for another 7/7

    But I agree that Iran is not in the position to play deniro (from taxi driver) here. The self made incharge of this world just need a reason to attack and this might be the long awaited one.

  2. Niall said,

    I look forward to seeing some Iranian fast boats in the English Channel. I would expect that their excuse will quite rightly be that they are lost and thus WW3 will be avoided. I did see a (I think) Jordanian Navy boat park up on the Isle of Wight once but clearly that wasn’t considered an act of aggression on their behalf.

    Otherwise I agree with Peyvand.

  3. peyvand said,

    Iranian sailors in British waters be would likely to claim asylum, something UK troops won’t be doing in Iran.

  4. Niall said,

    Very good. I laughed

  5. Sahari Dastmalchi said,

    teenagers … well most of them atleast grow up and stop being a pain in the cahoot ….I cant say there is the remotest hope of that happening here…..

    take care

    i loved your gig in the swimming pool. are you and your sister ever coming to holland again ?

  6. Niall said,


    If Mr Ahmedinejad was a teenager, are you therefore saying he would be Vicky Pollard

    That’s soooooooooooooooooooooo harassment.

  7. peyvand said,

    Niall, can we keep our cultural references international, reflecting soul bean’s readers. You’ll be on about Sooty next.

  8. Niall said,

    Sorry – computers have been broken all afternoon so I’ve been spamming your site.

    Internationally renowned mentally ill teenagers…..hmmmmm. What about Ahmedinejad
    as Paris Hilton?

    Will that do?

  9. peyvand said,

    SD – thanks for your comment. The (former) swimming pool was a great venue and it was a warm crowd.

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