Friday 2 March 2007

March 2, 2007 at 4:23 pm (blog, The office)


This week I’ve been working on a fashion magazine. It comes out twice a year. Opposite us is the office of a leading men’s title. Cover to cover tits. Their office has one big fish tank with a Dr Dre sticker on it. One of the journalists – and this is the arsehole of the trade – has a giant Superman toy behind his monitor. There is always music blaring and conversation tends to have racist and particularly sexist themes. It’s like walking into a bad pub crossed with a student digs (there’s cans of tuna, ketchup and brown sauce on a cabinet). Behind me is a fridge full of beer. The good thing is we roll in at 10.30 and leave around 5.00. King’s Reach Tower, which provides one of the few opportunities to work on the 26th floor in London, is a 15-minute bike ride from my house (and the pic is of sunset). That means I don’t have to cross the river or us public transport. And still I arrive late. There is a basketball under a desk I’ve been eye-ing all week. I bounced it. I was itching to and I finally did. May buy a basketball. My mother used to tell me to play the sport when I was a stumpy 13-year-old – so that I would grow taller. I finish here on Tuesday.



  1. Masood said,

    Calling our leader a monkey is an insult…
    to apes.

  2. Barrabas said,


  3. fish5231 said,

    the article about the polar bear cub was sad i dont think he should be put down

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