Still 20 February 2007

February 20, 2007 at 9:25 am (blog, Double espresso)

It’s still 2007. And 08.15am. Perhaps I should do a how’s your new year going check-up on people. It’s not good enough to wish everyone you meet HAPPY NEW YEAR throughout January and then not care for the rest of the HAPPY NEW YEAR! Mine’s going OK. My apartment could be much tidier*. And I’m gonna phone British Telecom to demand a lower broadband tariff or disconnection. (£33 a month!). My tea is brewing. I have a bag of meat that I defrosted (minced, really lovely lamb). It has bled in my fridge. Not a sight I welcome in th morning. My poor bicycle is attached to railings near the Ritz hotel in Piccadilly. It will have suffered drizzle throug the night. Unless it got stolen. Basically, I left it out in the cold. Will go to collect this evening and take bus to office. Had better drink tea while tuning in to a country station on i-Tunes. I like country music.

*or a complete wreck. The fridge is bleeding for Chrissake.


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