20 February 2007

February 20, 2007 at 4:14 am (Double espresso)

It’s 2.45am. Just got back from five bars. Ate too much. But didn’t drink. Met an incredibly attractive woman. An old man, who probably spends his afternoons asleep in the House of Lords, was hovering around her. He touched her bum. She said something to him. He went off. “What happened there?” I asked.

“He touched my bum.”

Her name was Virginie. She spoke English well, with a French accent.

“He thinks I am a toy,” she added. I took a sip of my coke.

“If I am a toy,” she said, “I am an expensive toy.”


“How can you put a price on it? Surely, there is no price.”
I can’t remember her reply, but by now we had established a rapport. Is she happy?

“I would like to live Angelina Jolie’s life,” she said. “If Angelina Jolie is not happy she should see a psychologist.”

Virginie waved, flirtily to two men wearing jumpers on shirts. Ralph Lauren.

“You do your thing,” I said. Why does she do what she does?

“Comfort,” she said. “I can fly business class to Brazil.”

“What’s wrong with economy.”

“Economy more than three hours? Not good.”

My two friends, one of whom had bought her champagne, were sitting away from us. Let’s fast forward to them, and we may come back to Virginie another time. In fact, fast forward further to Maroush, the Lebanese place in Knightsbridge. We eat humus, grilled chicken, aubergine stew. The second meal in one night, six hours apart though. Seven. No, six. Not bad. We are solving the world’s problems, the three of us. Then a man joins in with our conversation. He is of Indian extraction and advises the Labour party on “Muslim issues”. He was pragmatic, a charmer, too smooth to be committed to behind-the-scenes. Sure enough, Asif, we’ll call him, had stood for election in 2001 and failed to win a seat. Anyway, he kept name-dropping Gordon Brown and Tony Blair – “(I’ve met them)” – but he smiled and was affable. He thought detention centres for illegal immigrants “a good idea” and was rather rightwing over immigration. “The whole world can’t come here.” (The whole world doesn’t want to). I am too tired to continue. This is a blog and if you’re interested, 3.20am.


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