15 February 2007

February 15, 2007 at 1:29 pm (Double espresso)

Today, aged 35, I passed my driving test in South Norwood in London. It was a bright spring morning, depressing given it is winter, but happy because another road user has just been unleashed to pollute the environment. Curiously, capitalism’s drive for profit is such that the fact there will be no world left to make profit in is escaping its attention: imposing a limit on US carbon emissions is still something we Europeans are too polite to demand. A case of the elephant in the living room, taking a shit but we’re to scared to speak out.

Still, I can’t but be happy today for this small accomplishment. Now I can visit California and drive. And at last, I can go to Los Angeles which I vowed never to return to without my licence. I can become a bus driver, a mini-cab driver and probably operate a horse and cart. Imagine, though, flying to the States with the sole intention of driving when you get there. It would be greener to stay put and set fire to a library.



  1. Marjan said,

    Well done mate. Los Angeles is waiting for you.

    Where’s the picture with Emanuelle?

  2. peyvand said,

    There would be one, but we needed a third person to take the pic, and where I live in London, they’d probably make off with the camera too. :0)

  3. Driving Test… | Mini Cab News said,

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