Apple’s iPhone

January 11, 2007 at 8:06 pm (Espresso)

Released in the US this week, Apple’s iPhone is equipped with every wonder of gadgetry bar a bidet and the ability to toast bread. Here’s an idea for the company’s next model. Recently, I was rambling into my Sony Ericsson to use up some ‘free minutes’. Then the signal went. When I got reconnected, I said: “Sorry, my phone has an in-built mechanism that cuts me off when I bore people.”



  1. M-bod USA said,

    I’ve used my iPhone as a bidet (US Model)…the pressure is not so great but you can warm it which is nice.

  2. RasaM said,

    It wasn’t released, it was announced. It is going to be in stores in another 5 months!!
    and my Sony Eircsson does the exact same thing!!

  3. peyvand said,

    You are right, I meant launched not released. Thanks.

  4. AA said,

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