Resolve this

January 9, 2007 at 6:13 pm (Espresso)

It’s all very well wishing people happy new year on the 31 December, but why does nobody ask “How is the new year going?” 10 days in. “Broken your resolutions yet?” “Joined the gym but too fat to make it there?” Resolutions, eh? Iraq got bombed for breaking them. Iran looks about to be nuked for flouting them, by Israel, which because of UN resolutions, does not officially have nuclear weapons. Presumably it will bomb Iran with unofficial nuclear warheads, or “possible” or, here’s a better one, “suspected” nuclear weapons. “Officially we do not posses a nuclear arsenal, but we suspect a number of our missles have that capability.” Israel is already talking about minimizing collateral damage. How about minimising cholesterol instead, eating healthy, and going to the gym.


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