Off Columbia Road

January 8, 2007 at 4:02 pm (Family & Friends)


Not many parts of London look like this anymore, but this street, off Columbia Road near the East End, is something. Took it last year while visiting Cass, a friend who is opening a shop there. He has a son called Indy. Here he is pictured below with Paul (left). We’ve all known each other for thirty years.


Cass took us for a look around his shop in September.


Not sure what the shop will sell. Paul and I, who live down south, rarely see Cass. When I spoke to Cass on Christmas Day I didn’t ask what the shop will sell.


We went for a pint. And a bite. Cass wouldn’t let us pay. And I wasn’t eating carbs or drinking that night so I had a salad. Painful.


Nothing like a drink with old mates. Even if I had water.


And here are their feet.



1 Comment

  1. paul said,

    Muppet. The shop is going to be a gallery space selling original grafiti art from the likes of Banksy etc.

    PS. Do my feet look big in those flip-flops?

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