November 24, 2006 at 7:28 am (Espresso)

The official recognition of Quebec as a nation “currently within Canada”, a motion tabled yesterday by the country’s Conservative prime minister, Stephen Harper, would surprise us in England. We think the whole of Canada is still a British province, an extension of Wales.

Want us to leave Iraq? Give us Canada back. The Queen’s picture on banknotes is not enough. We want every moose in this country to have a UK passport.


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  1. readerly said,

    You never know how much racism you allow yourself to harbour until you’re asked to describe what it’s like living within a bi-lingual nation. It wasn’t until I went to Kazakhstan and had to explain to the Phillipinos our general disdain for Americans and the French that I felt so small for feeling so proud of my multicultural upbringing. Here I was extolling the virtues of being a white minority and how great it is to have friends from every ethnic heritage but I would recoil in disgust over the most innocent implication of speaking French. “No, I don’t speak French. I hate French.” I’d blame the school system for hiring horrible French teachers, but working with a French-Canadian exchange student this summer proved that it really was just my ignorance that allowed me think French was the enemy of English existence. I must say, however, him being an attractive young man with a French accent and large biceps made me warm to the idea of Francais much more readily.

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