November 12, 2006 at 7:46 pm (Anecdotal)

Covering religion 
A journalist said to me: “I’m writing a piece about women and Islam and I don’t know a thing about it.”

“Wouldn’t worry,” I said. “That’s the first qualification for writing about Islam.”

Joy of text
Predictive text messages spell my name, Peyvand, as “sexual”. When my mother-in-law got a mobile I sent her a text: “Look forward to lunch on Sunday. Sexual.”

In the timing
Before the Iraq war the British public were told Saddam’s missiles could reach the UK in 45 minutes. Iran poses no such threat. Even if it did, the missiles would be 45 minutes late.

Energy drink
If the Iranians invade Britain, we should kick them out. Fight on the beaches, fight on the landing ground, fight in the fields, the streets and the hills.

What if Britain attacks Iran? Well, if you’ve stayed in a B&B you’ll know the best way to humble the British is hospitality. They’re not used to it. We’ll give them bacon, eggs, sausage, beans and extra toast free of charge. And then we’ll make them a nice, hot cup of oil.

Whole picture
Everything is in place for my wedding, it’s in a castle, I’ve got the best caterers, no bride as yet, but that’s a minor detail.

Insider knowledge
A friend of mine in the Pentagon is confident Hilary Clinton will be the next president, of Iran.



  1. homeyra said,


  2. samira said,

    Great to hear that you’re touring – look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

  3. barrabas said,


  4. eleanor said,

    -Predictive text messages spell my name, Peyvand, as “sexual”. When my mother-in-law got a mobile I sent her a text: “Look forward to lunch on Sunday. Sexual.”-


  5. Christine said,

    Once again, laughed out loud at this.

    You’re a comedian?

  6. Angie said,

    Hey, I want to get married in a castle, and I don’t have my Persian man lined up yet. We should get together on that. 😉

  7. peyvand said,

    The thing with the internet Angie is that you could be a six foot bloke with a moustache. Other than that i’m up for it. :0)

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