November 10, 2006 at 12:32 pm (Anecdotal, Technology)

This week I went to Wales for the first time since 1995 when I graduated, just about, from the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd, a town near Cardiff. A stand-up comic friend of mine had a gig there. It’s was something, going back. The uni used to be called the Polytechnic of Wales but a law came in in the 1990s that anywhere that taught you something could have university status.

There is still no internet cafe in Pontypridd. But it still has a lovely art deco cafe and a train station (called, imaginatively, “Pontypridd”). SatNav, flat-screen TVs in pubs, email, mobile phones, technology has moved on since ’95, the first year of Microsoft’s Windows. I will write more later, my broadband connection is dead and I am at my parents’. Also, while jumping on to a rock in a brook, I fell on my arse and smashed my i-Pod. Poor i-Pod. It makes a squealing noise if I press it. Gadgets have souls, I tell ya. Dad and his SatNav aren’t talking.



  1. azzie said,

    i might be the last person on earth who doesn’t have an ipod. maybe i can have your banged-up one. send me your soulful gadget and i’ll mend it.

    btw. i always did want to visit wales…

  2. peyvand said,

    Well, the good news is a couple of my friends bought me an i-Pod for my birthday on yesterday. Then a bunch of us went to see a very funny man called Scot Capurro. Cappers is a San Franciscan comic who spends half the year in Britain. I will provide a link at some point, but it’s Sunday, I drank too much Guinness last night.

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