What the general said

October 15, 2006 at 11:45 am (Teaspoon verse)

After Richard Dannatt, the head of the British army, recommended the pull-out of UK troops from Iraq

We kicked in the door to Iraq, the general said, we’re through.
It’s as if the Iraqis had lost their keys and called the boys in blue.

If only we had just kicked the door in, but we took away the roof,
We ripped out the foundations, the daily killings are the proof.

But in the Green Zone there’s a Burger King and a Subway too,
There wasn’t that before Saddam, reasons to complain are few.

We should stay and do what we promised, install a liberal state
Or leave these ungrateful natives to a more miserable fate.

Western democracy or oil-grabbing hypocrisy, take your pick
fact is we’ve got to stay, though it might make you sick

In a wider context, the barrels of oil are but cans of Coca-Cola.
We need our fix of energy. Aspirations of Iraq? – steamroller.

The general may say what we aim to achieve is a tad naïve,
but “I think, y’know, well, look, when Mr Bush says, we’ll leave”.


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  1. Mehran said,

    Dear Payvand

    I can’t really work out from your article whether you’re being sarcastic or not. But I urge you to read Amir Taheri’s article in Asharq Alawsat which is exactly the right response to the hand-wringing general:


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