Good morning

October 12, 2006 at 6:32 am (Espresso)

It’s around 6.20am. At 7am I have an appointment with my Chinese doctor. He’s actually English but appears to operate by Beijing hours. Hope he will recommend lots of noodles and duck. I asked for a discount. Bloody expensive: £60 for sticking your tongue out and being told you’re stressed. I can do that at home. Around 300 of you have shared my experience of being on the Tube, in London, this week. Am truly touched, perhaps a little guilty that I didn’t go somewhere more interesting like the zoo. Then, I’m back in the office. Don’t quite know what I’m doing there, I don’t make any money, and sit in a corner where no one talks to me, and it is hell to commute. Tomorrow is the last day. Might turn up in fetish gear and ask for more. Behind me is the sales team. This comprises 27-year-olds who sell advertising space. “Sure, yes, I’ll speak to Frank and, of course, absolutely, sure, I’ll see if we can do the lower rate, it’ll be a one-off, Francesca’s all over it.” I really need to hear that today. On Sunday I’m compering this anti-war event. If I can find the details I’ll post them so that my most mum, aunty Nadia, and the dog can come. Christ, I better go or I’ll be late.

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