Death by punctuation

October 4, 2006 at 12:25 pm (Teaspoon verse, The office)

I am strangled by a semi-colon
I prise it off
My jaw is hooked on to a comma
I dangle, my body an exclamation point
A hyphen impales me. Then another
Proofs – pages marked with red – pile up
I heave myself off the comma
An apostrophe picks me up by the collar
My body is italicised, my screams upper case
Then a hyphen pierces my eye
I put a pomegranate on my computer
En dash, em dash, balderdash
The red on the proofs is my blood
I bleed. I die
All that is left is a question mark



  1. AA said,


  2. barefeetallowed said,

    This poem is AWESOME. I love it. As a translator/linguist, I am especially in awe of your original approach to the subject matter! Kudos!!

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