Ahmadinejad makes point

September 22, 2006 at 7:33 pm (cartoons)




  1. sandpiper said,

    Good caricature. If that’s a bin he’s sitting on, then it must be a rubbish bin; and appropriate place it is to put him.

  2. peyvand said,

    Thanks. It’s was actually a podium, but hey, first attempt :0)

  3. peoplesgeography said,

    I don’t demonise Ahmadinejad, who I thought gave a really good speech in NY. It’s Dubya who should be in the bin.

  4. peyvand said,

    Have no doubt he is a terrible man (as Bush is), and Soul Bean a terrible cartoonist, for it was supposed to be a podium.

  5. alqatn said,

    Why single out and focus on Amad Nijad only. There are many other evil leaders around. And is Ahmad ‘evil’, or is it the media and Washington that has made him so?

  6. peoplesgeography said,

    Soul Bean, you’re a great cartoonist, you captured Ahmadinejad well. I’m all for satire, just wary about demonising leaders of other countries — we should be buiiding bridges and fostering some understanding.

    Mind you, I’m not too impressed by Bush and am given to more than a little satirical relief myself (usually from great American saitirists and friends), but I agree with Alqatn, it is the coroprate mainstream media who often mislead and make a figure the bogeyman, and we can think for ourselves.

  7. opit said,

    He’s popular with his people, many of whom have been very pro-west in the past.
    I’m afraid I’ve missed the point – what’s on his finger ?
    I think it was the Germans who pointed out translation of his speeches as reported might well qualify as fiction.

  8. Rochonf said,

    This man is not silly. He knows how to keep their people joined, even they do not support him at all. But there are more funny people in the world. For instance mi idol Chávez in Venezuela. My idol concerning to the way he expresses about Bush. But the man that was really acting like a clown at the beginnig, Bush, looking for the MDW under his table, is now an international criminal. We have to take him (and Cheney) to The Hague Tribunal. When they are in jail (nor tortured nor in a secret jail), the world will be more secure, and other criminals around the globe will have no reason to exist.

  9. peoplesgeography said,

    Opit, yes there is good evidence that Ahmadinejad has been mistranslated for the purposes of using this as a pretext for invasion. If interested I have compiled a few links here

    If that link doesn’t come up here is the long version:

    Rochonf, I’m with you – off to the Hague for Bush and Cheney!

  10. peoplesgeography said,

    Opit, yes many good scholars and reputuable journalits have disputed the mistranslations of Ahmadinejad’s speeches (particularly the oft-used “wipe off the map”). If interested I’ve compiled a handful of sources here:


    I’m with Rochonf – off the Hague for Bush and Cheney! 🙂

  11. Rochonf said,

    Thankyou, Peoplesgeography, now I see it clear, your link was very helpul.

  12. magnarc said,

    Hey, whats the problem? Give every country in the world the bomb and we can all go to hell.

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