Bachelor’s tidy

August 31, 2006 at 10:24 am (Freshly squeezed orange juice)

  1. Socks do not belong with bank statements
  2. Bill envelopes must be opened, not thrown away
  3. Socks must be hole-punched and placed in a divider file, bank statements washed and placed in drawer
  4. Lionel Richie should not be on iTunes
  5. Two bananas on kitchen work-top – eat
  6. Thomas The Tank Engine pencil sharpener – give to child
  7. Bamboo recorder on mantelpiece – nail to wall
  8. Bike helmet – on head. Then…
  9. Fridge (the subconscious of household mess) – buy new one with nothing in it
  10. Pic of gran – funny how gran became a photograph.

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