July 1, 2006 at 10:27 am (Espresso)

Iran president’s popularity by Ali Mashangian: A recent opinion poll suggests that Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is increasingly popular among Western journalists. Professor Jim Houriyeslami at the University of Tehran grew up with him. He says: “Even when we were working-class children in the streets of South Tehran, Mahmoud [Ahmadinejad] felt an affinity with journalists. And this is why journalists like him so much, they feel he is one of them. Moronically disposed towards a self-serving and simplistic view of the world – it really strikes a chord.”

Mike Earnest, editor of Paris-based journal Le Crap and an expert on Iranian affairs, agrees: “President Ahmadinejad, if you forgive his anti-semitism, is actually a cheeky reporter at heart. He is a complete and utter fool – and that is why we love him.”

Iranian people, however, remain baffled by their president’s popularity with the foreign press. Homa Kargar, a university lecturer was ‘retired’ after Ahmadinejad’s election last year. “I was hardly kicking the bucket,” says the 37-year-old. She works three jobs and says “I still fail to make ends meet for my family.” Kargar adds that she is “surprised but also not surprised” at the reception Ahmadinejad is getting from the press. “We saw it with that ‘reformer’ Khatami,” she says. “They loved him. And they said it was we who loved him. Now, they love Ahmadinejad. And they say it is we who love him. And if we say that we do not, the government strikes us with batons and journalists hit us
with polls.”


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  1. Dr. Danesh, The Empror of Persia said,

    If Mahmood manages to bring Iraq under the umberalla of Persian Empire via cooperation with Mr. Reza Pahlavi who is not my current prime minister, then I might wave the death penalty that is currently hanging on his head (Stoning to death) by my recent decree and in fact I might even make a recommendation to the Emperor’s eternal guards chief to recruit him as one of the member. Of course once Iraq is stablized again I will order to convene a general refereundum as to whether the Iraqi wish to remain part of the Persian Empire to share the continuous prospoerty and wealth ahead in the region or wish to remain separated from the Empire in order to grable with their own destiny alone.

    Dr. Danesh

    Seal of Emperor

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