Beautiful game

July 1, 2006 at 6:43 pm (Teaspoon verse)

A football match is the only time when straight men can break down and cry with no fear of being called gay.

They caress each other’s faces, wipe sweat from brows, and kiss with no care for what some might say.



  1. jorge madureira said,

    No doubt! The footbaal, like sports, is a unique moment of joie and capable for join people of diferrents ways, coulors, and spiritual ideas…
    We can see now in world cup in Germany!

  2. Rio 'let's party boys' ferdinand said,

    loved the little verse Peyvand!! But feel the need to correct you…

    Football is the only time Gay men WHO PRETEND to be straight can demonstrate their ACTUAL sexual orientation infront of countless millions of homophobes and get away with it without being strung-up, spat at or approached by the bi-curious who’ll only get agressive after ‘taking it’.

    C’mon! The WAGs all look like Drag artists – a dead give away. In this WC, the entire england squad spent more time in the boutiques and shops of Baden Baden than they managed on the pitch so you’ve gotta admit that something’s going on…
    C’mon guys! Be proud. Be Gay. Admit it.

    Playing with balls is what gay men do.
    Controversially italians are best when it comes to scoring
    but in an adoring moment
    the homophobes at home
    all love beckham whom they call Golden Balls.
    “come on!’ They chant “on me ead son”
    when what they really mean is
    Gimme headd… let’s get it on’.

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