July 1, 2006 at 9:51 am (Double espresso)

From the Israel Defense Forces : ”And the Lord said thou shalt build bridges with the people of Gaza. But the people of Gaza taketh one of our mighty men. And thus the Lord said destroy the bridges of Gaza. And Lo! We destroyed the bridges of the Gaza-ites. Let your tanks and aircraft cast a pall over the whole of Gazaland, said the Lord. And Lo! Our tanks shelled and Our aircraft bombed and the Gaza-ites were thus deprived of sleep. And electricty. And running water. So probably was our soldier.”


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  1. Shekarrezeyan said,

    first of all this man is wanted for holding American hostages during The Islamic group take over Iran. Islamic Repulic has been spending a lot of $$ from oil sell for their government propaganda. Secondly Westren’s midia have noting to report, therefore; they are chasing him just like they did Diana during her life time. Third, He is a house boy of the mollahs. He is the big mouth of the I.S.R. He has been promising things to people that he could not deliver. After a year in power Iranian foundout for themselives that he is a stupid man and just riding for fun. If your reader think that Ahmadinjad is popular? what do you think about the popularity of Hitlar or Saddam?

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